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Reach Ahead Form


One form of special needs student is the kind who are bored and may seem uninterested because they are ahead mentally of their age group. These students may be better served by giving them advanced placements.


In such scenarios, the principal of a student’s elementary school and the principal of a secondary school may decide, with parental consent, that it is appropriate for the student to enroll in one or more primary courses ahead of his/her current grade or in secondary courses. The principal will then assume responsibility for evaluating the student’s achievement and for granting and recording credits. 

Such decisions will be taken after the following submissions:


  • Birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license, or any age-related document 

  •  A most recent copy of a report card


These must be forwarded to ravisharma.eliteprivateschool@gmail.com  or by mail at 24 Jacksonville Drive, Brampton, Ontario, L6P 2Z3, Canada. 

Thanks for submitting!