Prerequisite Exemption Request

Elite Private School De Ontario

Prerequisite Exemption Request Form

The Ministry of Education, Ontario, outlines the prerequisites for all Grades 11 and 12 courses can be found in the curriculum policy documents for the various disciplines. Click the link below to access these documents

A student does not have to finish the prerequisite for a course at Elite Private School De Ontario even if he/she is a registered student at Elite Private School De Ontario. Prerequisite courses may be taken at other institutions. A student who has not finished the prerequisite course may choose to make a case as to why he/she ought not to do the prerequisite course. This must be done in writing and sent to the principal of Elite Private School De Ontario. There are situations where mature students may have the necessary background knowledge to get certain exemptions. 

Send a request with supporting documents to The principal will then make a decision and respond to the student.

Thanks for submitting!