Making a Difference

Teaching Philosophy      


    “Meaningful teaching is to facilitate the creation of knowledge by intrinsic motivation”


Our Mission Statement


“To Stimulate intrinsic motivation in our learners, through theory and practice, to foster leaders in our community. ”

Elite Private School (EPS) amalgamates inquiry with project-based learning.


Elite Private School has developed the learning platform to benefit students locally and globally by both face-to-face and online teaching. It is the platform where students from K-12  learn and succeed to be future leaders in all facets of life. 

EPS offers three styles of learning, which are as follows: 


  • In-class learning: This is the traditional style of learning where students are on campus.

  • Synchronous Online Learning: In this mode, students are logged on via any device that facilitates learning online. The students  benefit from the live questions and discussions by other learners, as the system dictates that they all be present during each session with the teacher at the same time. 

  • Asynchronous Online Learning: EPS also facilitates learners who wish to determine their own pace. These may be accelerated learners or students who may have other obligations. These students are accommodated by providing lectures on videos of each session. In this way students can study at their own pace 24/7. These videos can be accessed at any time for the learners’ convenience. In this way the learners may finish a course ahead of the scheduled time frame and move on to other courses. Our flexible registration system allows students to register for this style of learning at any time. 


These strategies allow students to learn and gain experiences with a growth mindset to cultivate a positive attitude towards multiculturalism, leading to a greater appreciation of diversity while fulfilling their academic goals.